Giving Back

Given publishing's history of tamping Black voices down, Maria Dong provides Black writers and community orgs with free assistance and mentorship with writing, editing, and website design.

Although we recognize that publishing disadvantages all minorities, this project was started as a direct response to several recent events, both in the news and in publishing, that specifically further marginalize Black voices, as well as to combat anti-Blackness in my (Korean-American) community.

If you're a Black writer or community org looking for assistance, please read the information below.

Some Bookkeeping Details

We reply to all inquiries within one week. If you haven’t heard back within one week of sending your email, please resend and @ me on twitter to make sure I got it.

If there’s somebody else attached to the project I think would be better able to assist you, I’ll email offering to make an introduction.

Please be patient. Everybody attached to this project is donating their time and expertise around their day job. I'm personally restricting myself to one big project a month, as each full developmental edit or website design can easily take 30+ hours.

Please be considerate. If paying for professional editing or web design is well within your means, I ask that you consider using those funds to help uplift other minority creators. Artists deserve to get paid.

If all this sounds good to you, shoot us an email via the contact form.