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Published Pieces

Cover of Nightmare Magazine, 104

The Cabbit. Nightmare Magazine, #104. May 1, 2021. (4000 words.)

I wonder if rich people do cosmetic surgeries on animals. “Where’d you get it?” His eyebrows rise; I’ve asked the wrong question. He puts the cabbit back in its kennel. It feels like a punishment.
#BodyHorror #Desire #Jealousy #College
Reviewed by Charles Payseur, Quick Sip Reviews: "an unsettling, at times difficult read, but one very much worth spending some time with."
Cover of Apparition Literary Magazine, 12: Satisfaction

A Bird Always Wants More Mangoes. Apparition Literary Magazine, #12: Satisfaction. Nov. 1, 2020. (4300 words.)

"Birdie looks in through the open window at the body, and she just knows. There's a stillness that can't be faked, like when the wind dies to nothing and the sun's pounding the asphalt in a deserted hour of the afternoon."
#Eco #Class #Horror #Surreal #Mangoes #AudioAvailable
Reviewed by Jeff Reynolds, "Creepy good and I never had a clue what would happen next."
Reviewed by Gwen C. Katz, The Future Fire: "..pleasingly macabre ... brings a freshness to the monster-house genre."

Pending Publication

The Repatriate. Kaleidotrope. Date pending. (9000 words.)

He bares his teeth, and it’s only the feralness of that gesture that reins him in. He’s not an animal. He’s got to get a grip. The statue will sell, and he’ll quit, flee to a sun-soaked getaway, one where he won’t get picked apart by heat and wet and mosquitoes. Somewhere cheap, where the wine is good and the girls accommodating. The statue will sell. The dreams will stop. And I’m going to get the hell out of here. He glances again at the clock, but the needle hasn’t shifted.
#horror #colonialism #repatriation #justdesserts