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Pending Publication

The Cabbit. Nightmare Magazine, #Issue Pending. Date pending. (4000 words.)

I wonder if rich people do cosmetic surgeries on animals. “Where’d you get it?” His eyebrows rise; I’ve asked the wrong question. He puts the cabbit back in its kennel. It feels like a punishment.
#BodyHorror #Desire #Jealousy #College

The Frankly Impossible Weight of Han. Khoreo Magazine, #1. Date pending. (5038 words.)

"Four hours after Grant Rutherford completes his life’s work—a machine that extracts energy and matter from ambient sources to create exact copies of anything it scans—he passes out behind the wheel of his 2025 Ford Fusion, crests a highway embankment, and flips into a ditch."
#Grief #Hope #Community #Machines #Ghosts

Published Pieces

Cover of Augur Magazine, {{story.issue}

The Truth At the Bottom Of the Ocean. Augur Magazine, #3.2. Dec. 15, 2020. (2600 words.)

"On the night after you were born, I awoke to find my skin had turned to armor--metal or stone, or perhaps bone, so tough that nothing but your pain penetrates it."
#Climate #Family #Diaspora #Water
Reviewed by Charles Payseur, Quick Sip Reviews: "...powerful and a bit heartbreaking, and makes for a great read..."
Reviewed by R Graeme Cameron, Amazing Stories: "... will appeal to those who want nature (and us) to survive into the foreseeable future and beyond."
Cover of Apparition Literary Magazine, {{story.issue}

A Bird Always Wants More Mangoes. Apparition Literary Magazine, #12: Satisfaction. Nov. 1, 2020. (4300 words.)

"Birdie looks in through the open window at the body, and she just knows. There's a stillness that can't be faked, like when the wind dies to nothing and the sun's pounding the asphalt in a deserted hour of the afternoon."
#Eco #Class #Horror #Surreal #Mangoes #AudioAvailable
Reviewed by Jeff Reynolds, "Creepy good and I never had a clue what would happen next."
Reviewed by Gwen C. Katz, The Future Fire: "..pleasingly macabre ... brings a freshness to the monster-house genre."
Cover of Decoded Pride Anthology, {{story.issue}

The Deck. Decoded Pride Anthology, #1. June 1, 2020. (4300 words.)

"Maya isn’t surprised. In movies, hauntings always happen in giant, sprawling mansions, or the burned-out shells of decrepit gilded-age hotels, but Maya’s experience has taught her that affordable housing is much more likely to be haunted."
#Literary, #Queer, #SliceOfLife, #Ghosts