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“Working with [Maria] is like taking a craft class combined with a therapy session … combined with a master course in contemporary literature.”
Ashley Winstead, Author of IN MY DREAMS I HOLD A KNIFE (Sourcebooks, 2021).

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Broad Strokes

Maria works primarily with adult manuscripts in the following genres: fantasy, science fiction, mystery, thriller/suspense, and historical. She's a strong believer in the “teach a person to fish” approach and loves it when a client leverages their edits into becoming a better self-editor. (In other words, she wants to work herself out of a job!)

She's primarily a developmental editor, which means tackling "big picture" problems, like:

  • Ensuring that your characters are complex, nuanced, and demonstrate strong agency;
  • Making sure your plot has a logical structure that complements and challenges your characters;
  • Strengthening pacing, so that readers don’t feel bored or overwhelmed;
  • Helping you identify and pull forward the unifying themes of your novel.

She also loves line-editing, in which she focuses on helping you craft prose that is succinct, exact, and beautiful.

Specialty Areas

Maria has several key specializations, including:

Science, Medicine, and Allied Health:

Maria is a licensed healthcare provider with an advanced degree focused on the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. Need help figuring out how fast that broken arm is going to heal? She's got your back.

Passion for Better Representation:

Maria can help you improve the representation of under-served and marginalized groups in your manuscript.

Although no one person can serve as a comprehensive mouthpiece, she's well-versed in academic and popular discussions surrounding representation in literature. She combines this with her experiences as a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, queer, disabled woman of color to help you make your manuscript more sensitive and original.

Industry Knowledge:

Whether you are interested in traditional publishing or self-publishing–or even some combination of the two!–-Maria can help.

She's assisted several traditionally published authors at all stages on their journeys, including outlining, drafting, querying, and with revisions for agents and editors. She also has strong experience with pitching contests, including Pitch Wars.

She was also an early adopter of digital publishing technologies and has helped shepherd several indie books to publication, including the launch of a successful kickstarter, a feature in a storybundle, ebook formatting and distribution through almost all major platforms, and print on demand (PoD) formatting for Createspace and Ingram Spark.